The People Every New Pet Owner Needs In Their Life

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You’ve just adopted a pet; more preciously, you added another member to the family. Now,, it’s easy to ask what should you know after the introductions, but your first question should be who should I know,.Every responsible pet owner needs a network of pros the can rely on. Now sure where to start? We’ve got a few suggestons for rounding out that all important group.



It goes without saying, but your pet’s health should be a top priority; that’s why every owner needs a vet they can rely on. They are your pet’s go-to source for wellness, no matter their age or conditions. If you’ve never owned a pet before or don’t know a vet, ask local shelters and pet rescue agencies. You can also check with friends or family who may have their own recommendtions.



Cats, dogs, rabbits, etc., if your pet has fur, they’ll need a groomer. Finding the right groomer depends on your pet and their special needs. Start out by looking for someone that works with not only the type of pet, but their specific features. It’s not a one size all approach, but doing your homework now will help you as well as your pet find the perfect match. Whether they use mobile facilities or a brick and mortar location, take the time to look over the workspace. Always ask quetions and never hestiate to reach out if something is bothering you.


Pet Insurance Rep

It might not seem like it, but your pet needs to have insurance they can rely on. Emergencies and medical conditions are just as likely to happen to your pet as they are anyone else in your family, so it’s crucial that you have a plan that covers everything. Many companies have local reps in your area, so it’s great to get to know them. This connection really pays off if or when the unthinkable happens and you need to file a claim. Of course, some plans cover regular checkups and services; that means it doesn’t have to be bad news when you reach out to your pet’s rep.


Pet Sitter

Chances are you’ll be out of the home at some point. Whether it’s for work or travel, keep a reliable pet sitter on your contact list. There are some services out there that set you up with freelance pet sitters. While that might be something you would be interested in, take time to research the service and how they add employees to the service. Yes, we’re talking background checks. Local pet sitters can also come from some not so surprising places. Friend, family member, anyone in your life could turn out to be a great pet sitter candidate. Just be sure to do your homework, no matter who you choose.

Pets are precious and they’re relying on us to stay safe. Having a selected network of proven pros can help you deal with anything. Start putting that list together now as you welcome that new family member!